Thursday, March 29, 2012

Norcon XII Part 9- WIP Photos

In hindsight I think I should have given this series of posts a different title, since by the time Norcon arrives I'll probably be up around part 30. At least it's fun to post pictures of my work, and the response I've gotten has been great. Thanks again to everyone who has posted a response on the blog or complimented my work in person.

I am almost done with the Starship interior, which will give me two full tables ready for July.

The layout photoed here is not representative of what the Starship table will actually look like, but is an example of how the pieces for this table can be arranged to be used in many different ways. In fact, this weekend, I will be testing this terrain out with my d20 Future group, not even for Infinity.

The photos here are pretty rough. I just wanted to give people an idea of what I was working on and the progress I am making. Once I have these pieces painted better I will post some nicer looking photos.

It's tough to see the scale in these photos, but each square floor tile is equal to 1". The tiles are arranged onto sheets of MDF board, either 12" wide or 4" wide. The total size of the table right now, if I cram everything together like this, is just over 3' x 2'. In the configuration for Norcon the table will be about 3' x 3', and if I spread everything out and use the 4" tiles as connecting hallways between the bigger pieces, I can almost get to a full 4' x 4' table.

I've got a busy weekend ahead of me, with gaming every night until Tuesday; but stay tuned for some new photos next week!

Monday, March 26, 2012

First Battle Report

Tonight at Matrix, David and I did another playtest of the Norcon Tournament scenarios. Even though the terrain and our models were not painted, we decided to do a battle report since we had plenty of time to play and the cameras on our iPhones. It turns out that this was the right choice, since our game ended up being an awesome confrontation that came down to the last few rolls of the last turn, and a narrow, but decisive, victory.

The battlefield, pictured here, is laid out close to the way it will be for the actual tournament. In the empty spaces next to the apartments there will be a pool and a parking lot on the final table, but all the important bits are here for the play test.

David won the Initiative roll, and opted to take the first active phase. His army, the Japanese Sectorial Army, was a hard hitting force, built around a solid core of a heavily armed 5-man Keisotsu link team. The team consisted of a Keisotsu with a Missile Launcher, one with a Heavy Machine Gun, one with the Forward Observer skill, and two normal troops with rifles. The troops with rifles deployed as a rear guard to provide security to the team, while the Missile Launcher and HMG went on the attack. As a nasty little bonus, the forward observer was able to call shots for a Remote with a Guided Missile Launcher hidden behind one of the apartment buildings. On overwatch, David deployed a Ninja sniper to cover the Keisotsu advance, while hidden in the background his Lieutenant, Ninja Hacker, and Remote provided support.

On my side I deployed an army that I've been experimenting with, unsuccessfully, for my last few games. The Qapu Khalqi were led into battle by a four man link team of Djanbazan, concealing a disguised Hafza Lieutenant. The intention was for the Djanbazan to tear apart the enemy by firing through a cloud of smoke using their Multispectral Visors. The tragic flaw in the army is that I depended on 3 Yuan Yuan to lay down the critical smoke screen that would cover my Djanbazan assault. To go for the objective I deployed a Hawwa sniper and Jannisary with an HMG, while I rounded out my force with a Ghulam Doctor and Nasmat to keep everyone in fighting condition.

Early in the battle David's Ninja sniper got the drop on my Djanbazan, knocking 3 members unconcious, and breaking the link team. The Ninja also managed to strike a crippling blow to my army, by stumbling across my disguised Hafza Lieutenant, and knocking him out of the game early. Going into my first active phase I was already in Loss of Lieutenant, and back on the defensive. Things were looking grim for the Qapu Khalqi, and I began to fear that I was on the way to an early end to the game.

Things suddenly turned around for me with the arrival of my Yuan Yuan. Sadly, they were just as tragically ineffective this time as they have been for my last few battles, yet for once they surprised me with a lucky attack that robbed David of some of this initiative.

One of my Yuan Yuan, armed with a light flamethrower gained from her Booty skill, got the drop on David's Ninja sniper. Although she valiantly lost her life in the effort, she managed to set the Ninja on fire and knock her out of the game.

Things didn't end so well for the other two Yuan Yuan. The first landed way off target as she dropped onto the table, landing square in the sights of the Ninja Sniper, and getting blown away before her flame throwing sister could swoop in to save her. The other Yuan Yuan tried to get the drop on David's Keisotsu Butai, by managed to land right in front of his two rear guard troops.

Taking out the Ninja Sniper proved to be crucial, however, and even though every Yuan Yuan died without throwing a single smoke grenade, my Djanbazan were free turn their weapons on David's exposed Keisotsu.

At this point David hit me with his army's nastiest surprise. His forward observer Keisotsu slipped around the back of one of the apartment buildings, and managed to lock onto my Jannisary. Here's a before and after picture I took with my iPhone of the actual battle:

I'm proud to say that David had to fire his Remote's Guided Missile Launcher four times before knocking out my Jannisary, but no matter how tough this warrior might be, no one could survive being hit by this many missiles...

With David's Ninja Sniper gone, however, there was no one to protect the Keisotsu from my Djanbazan, who managed to take out the Keisotsu Missile Launcher and forward observer as they approached the target building. My Hawwa also managed to beat David to the door of the Hacker's Apartment and ambush the approaching Keisotsu, taking out the Keisotsu HMG, and breaking their link team for good. One of the two remaining Keisotsu brought honor to his fallen brothers and sisters by taking out my Hawwa before she could do any more damage. Suddenly the tides had turned yet again, and I was back on the defensive. With only two Djanbazan left, my army had lost it's Lieutenant, and was now also in Retreat Condition. My one redeeming grace was that my Djanbazan sniper was in a perfect position to cover the Hacker's apartment, which would hopefully be enough to lock David into a stalemate.

David was forced into an unenviable position, wait out the stalemate and avoid my sniper, earning him a minor victory, or gamble everything on sending his Ninja Hacker after the objective. If David managed to apprehend the civilian hacker he would earn a major victory, but if his Ninja and one other model died in the effort he would be pushed into retreat, giving me a draw.

David chose glory, and his heroic Ninja was sent out into the line of fire to dance between my Sniper's shots and secure the civilian. The Ninja stormed across the open courtyard between the apartments, then flew up the stairs to the civilian's room. She kicked open the door, and nimbly darted to the criminal hacker's side, as window panes blew out behind her from sniper fire. The civilian, clearly overwhelmed by the graceful ballet of ninjitsu art and shattered glass, surrendered to the Ninja without question.

On 5 consecutive ARO's, my Sniper missed the charging Ninja again and again. Finally, on the sixth ARO, and my Sniper's final chance before the Ninja's escape, I managed to hit and knock out my nemesis. On the final roll of the game, with only 3 Orders left in his final Active phase, David managed to get his Yaozao to the Ninja and get her back on her feet. My sniper missed the Ninja a final time, as she managed to take the civilian prisoner again (even though he tried to attack her!), and with his final order David managed to lead the civilian off the edge of the table.

It's rare that a battle comes down to the last order of the second-to-last active phase. Even though I had no chance at victory after the 4th round, the game was still a real nail biter with an uncertain outcome. Every game should be as close as this one!

I can also say for certain that we both learned some valuable lessons from this battle. Even though I still love Yuan Yuan, this was the last straw for my current tactic. I'll be going back to the drawing board to come up with a new offensive tactic, and in the meantime I'll be going back to my nasty defensive line-up. I'll also be bringing my Hawwa Hacker back into the list, now that David's discovered Guided Missiles!

As for David, I'm certain I'll be seeing more of his Guided Missile Launcher and Ninja Hacker in the future!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Norcon XII Part 8- The Table is Dead, Long Live the Table

Some sad news this week as I continue to prepare the tables for Norcon. I was gambling on a fairly large bonus from work to pay for most of the Norcon Terrain, but it turns out that I'll be getting less than expected. Sadly, this means that I will need to scrap the Torqua city table and the "Bank Heist" scenario. This was the table that I was most looking forward too, since it would be so completely unlike any other terrain used in any other game played locally. The terrain that I was planning on using for this table is made by Demos Laser Cut Designs, some fantastic laser cut MDF buildings. Although their buildings aren't as sophisticated as the buildings made by Micro Arts Studio, they are taller and have more variety. The down side is that I would need between 8-12 of them for a full city table, and they cost about $30-$50 each. That's not including the prices for the fire escapes, billboards, sign posts, trash bins, furniture, and decorations that I was planning on using to dress up the table. All together this table was going to cost almost half as much as the rest of the tables combined. So, I'll have to put this one on the back burner for next year's event.

This has brought about a bit of happy news. In an effort to come up with a replacement table for the event I started going through my old Infinity terrain. The pieces in this photo are all scratch-built buildings made from evergreen sheet styrene and PVC pipe. I was pretty proud of these when I made them, but I stopped using them because they were very plain, and some of the pieces were not very well made.

Since I put them away I have gained many new bits, mainly from Imperial Bastions and some railroad terrain I picked up on clearance. By adding these bits to give the terrain more character and detail, as well as correcting some of the original construction mistakes I've breathed some new life into this terrain.

 As I mentioned in an earlier post I had started building a couple of papercraft aerial vehicles that would be perfect for a spaceport table. My plan now is to make a couple of landing pads, either from foam core or more sheet styrene, and combine them with this terrain and the papercraft vehicles to make a spaceport table. The scenario for the table will be "Search and Destroy", but  I haven't made up my mind if this is going to be a race to destroy a single objective, or if each side will have an objective they need to defend against destruction by the enemy. I'll have to do some playtesting with the Sunday night crew to figure out which objective will be best.

This terrain is still pretty rough looking, but as I apply more paint things are starting to look better. The addition of lots of bits, such as search lights, antennas, and air conditioning units, has done a lot to spruce things up. Once I get some more painting done I will start to add signs and stenciling to the sides of the buildings to add some much needed color.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Norcon XII Part 7- WIP Photos

I've had a lot of progress in the last two days. Several projects that I've been working on for the last two weeks all reached their conclusion at the same time, resulting in a pile of new terrain. All of these pieces are for the Starship Interior table.

The first piece is a "Primary Airlock", when the starship interior is finished there will be three of these airlocks connecting the two starship decks. For most soldiers, these will be the only way to get from one ship to the other to attack the enemy. The airlocks remain permanently closed at all times, but a model can pass from one side of a door to the other side by moving into base contact, and then performing a special Open/Close short skill. Models with the Infilitration and Mechanized Deployment skills will be able to start the game deployed inside of these airlocks, ready to jump into the enemy ship the moment they dock.

The second piece is hard to see in this picture, but will look nicer once it is painted. This piece is a "Secondary Airlock". There will be two of these on each ship, between the primary airlocks, but instead of opening to a safe tunnel that leads between the ships, these open to the harsh vacuum of space. Models with the AD/Zero-g, Zero-g, and Multiterrain skills have the ability to move through the space between the ships to use these airlocks to attack from unexpected angles.

The third piece is a new hallway segment used to connect the larger 12" tiles. This simple piece has a small wall section on it that models can use for cover, and after I paint it I will spruce it up a little more with some cool bits from Antenocitis Workshop.

The final new piece that I finished is called "Barracks". This 12" tile will be one of the main ship pieces where combat will take place. Unfortunately, it does not look very good in this picture with just primer on it. Once it is painted I expect it will look much better. Along two of the walls of this piece are sleeping pods, bunk beds that fold up into the wall. There is also a pillar in the middle of the room with some equipment lockers on it for the soldiers that sleep here. Once I am done with the piece I will be adding some more parts between the two outside columns using bits from Antenocitis Workshop. I haven't decided yet if I will place some furniture or a tactical map table in this spot.

I've also nearly completed assembly on another 12" tile, "Engine Room", but I had to wait for some more plaster parts to finish drying before I can put the last touches on the piece. This tile will probably be done tomorrow night, and then I can start painting.

Finally, I was able to put the final touches on the "Cargo Bay" piece, adding tinted windows and completing the assembly. I've got a lot of painting ahead of me now to get all these pieces looking nice. Also, I still need to make the final objective tiles and several new smaller tiles before the Starship Interior table is complete. For now though, the table is more than half done, which is great news since I thought this table would require the most work before Norcon. This progress puts me comfortably ahead of schedule.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Infinity Night

We had a better turn out to Infinity night this week, it seems like people are finally starting to get back into the game. A few of the Infinity veterans were able to make it down, as well as some new players just taking a look at the models and terrain.

I got in a game with Seth to playtest the first scenario for Norcon. I realized that I need to make the terrain a little more symetrical to balance things out, but otherwise the scenario played well. A few more trials and the scenario will be ready for this summer.

For next weekend I am trying to get some more terrain completed, focusing my efforts on the starship interior table, and the last few parts needed for the apartment table. I should have some new photos to post of the starship table in the next couple days, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Norcon XII Tournament Update- Scenarios

I've gotten a lot of work done in the last few days, the majority of it for the "Hostile Extraction" scenario. My finger tips are actually sore from making terrain, so I think it may almost be time to take a break.

The good news is that I now have enough terrain done to start playtesting scenarios for the tournament. I'll have all this terrain, and more, with me at Matrix this Sunday, and hopefully a few people would be interested in helping me play test!

So, without further ado, here is the first scenario for the Norcon XII tournament. If your interested in playing, please make an appropriate 250 point force, and come down on Sunday:

Scenario: Hostile Extraction

Theater: Quezon City, Phillipine Islands, Earth

Story:  The Philippine islands on Earth have changed hands many times throughout human history, but have always remained fiercely proud and independent throughout. Even today, as a Pan Oceania protectorate, they still maintain their own language and culture as well as an independent government.

                Among these people a hacker of rare talent has emerged who has launched successful attacks against several of the major powers of the Human Sphere. Despite the potential damage and chaos this hacker has inflicted, he has impressed the super-powers with his talent. Two armies have rushed covert teams to the islands to track and retrieve this Hacker. Whether they aim to recruit him, put him on trial for his crimes, or simply dissect his brain for science is up to faction they work for.

Table: 4’ x 4’ modern apartment complex. Moderate fields of fire, several large buildings, multiple elevations

Objective: This scenario uses the Civilian rules on page 148 of the Human Sphere rulebook. There will be a civilian marker placed on the top floor of one apartment building near the center of the table. The objective of the battle is to synchronize one of your fighters with the civilian counter, and then lead the civilian off the table.

Special Rules:

Civilian- It is unknown whether the civilian will come along peacefully or attempt to fight back when a soldier tries to apprehend him. Each time a soldier attempts to synchronize the civilian, make a new roll on the random Civvies Encounter Chart. The civilian may switch from being Hostile to Neutral at any time, but once he is synchronized to a model he will remain that way until the model he is following is killed.

No soldier on either side can deliberately target the civilian with any attacks that might kill him. This includes template attacks that might accidentally hit the civilian. Effectively this allows an unscrupulous soldier to use the civilian as a human shield against template attacks.

Deployment- All deployment rules work as normal, with one exception. No models can be deployed on or inside of the building that contains the objective civilian.

Doors & Windows- All doors start out closed and all windows start out open. A model can open or close any door or window by using the Open/Close short movement skill, as normal. Models with the Engineer skill can lock or jam any door or window (or unlock and unjam), as described in the Engineer skill. All of the doors and windows on this table are considered simple mechanical locks, and cannot be affected by Hackers.

Breeching- Doors and windows can all be breeched on this table. Doors and windows on this table have an ARM of 3 and 1 STR point, and, as normal, can only be damaged by EXP or DA attacks.

Trap Doors- the doors leading between floors for this scenario can only be used on the top floor to access the roof of each building. The trap doors between floors cannot be opened or used in any way. The rooftop trap doors follow the same rules as all other doors.

Destroying Terrain- No buildings or the parts of any buildings are allowed to be destroyed on this table, because it would put the objective civilian and his computer equipment in unnecessary danger. Chain link fences and exterior concrete walls can be demolished, however. Chain link fences have an ARM of 10 and 1 STR point, and concrete walls have an ARM of 8 and 3 STR points. As normal, all terrain elements can only be damaged by EXP or DA attacks. Once a fence or wall has been destroyed remove the entire section from the table, but neighboring sections are unaffected.

Victory Conditions:

The battle can end one of several ways:

If a model leads the civilian off of any table edge his army is declared the victor, even if they were already in Retreat condition. This is a complete victory, and the winner earns 4 victory points. The loser gets 1 victory point.

If one army completely eliminates the other army or drives them off the table, while synchronized with the civilian marker, this is also considered a complete victory. The winner earns 4 points, and the loser only gets 1 victory point.

If one army completely eliminates the other or drives them off the table, but neither army controls the civilian, this is considered a partial victory. As soon as the fighting stops the hacker escapes, but leaves behind all of his files and equipment. The victor gets 3 victory points, and the loser gains 1 point.

If one side accidentally kills the civilian in any way, such as with a template weapon that has scattered off target, they immediately lose. This only counts as a partial victory for the winner, who earns 3 victory points. The loser earns 1 point. Keep in mind that the civilian cannot be deliberately targeted in any way, this outcome can only be achieved accidentally.

If the time limit for the tournament round is reached, and one army is in retreat condition, they are considered the loser. If the time limit is reached this is only considered a partial victory for the winner, regardless of whether or not they control the civilian, and the winner earns 3 victory points. The loser gets 1 victory point.

If the time limit is reached, and neither army is in retreat condition (or both are), the battle is considered a draw. Regardless of whether one army controls the civilian, both armies gain 2 victory points.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Norcon XII Part 6- More WIP Photos

There is one nice thing that can be said for being sick. Between sprinting to the bathroom every 15 minutes, and bouts of uncontrollable shivering, you can get a lot of work done. In fact, one of my proudest conversions, my custom Ashlynn D'Elyse for Warmachine, was the result of a 7 day flu, which was probably the sickest I have ever been in my life. To this day I can only remember about a third of work I did on that conversion, the rest of it sort of just happened while I was in a delirious haze.

This time around I channeled the power of what was either food poisoning or an acute stomach flu into Norcon Terrain. The first three photos here are of terrain for a scenario called "Secure Area". This scenario takes place in an abandoned town on the desert planet of Bourak, which may conceal a decommisioned Silk lab. The objective for the scenario is simply to eliminate your enemy or force them to retreat, so that your faction can take control of the lab at leisure.

These buildings are a mix of terrain pieces from JR Miniature Studio and Crescent Root Studio. The walls and square building are from JR Minis, as well as another building and a few bits I haven't painted yet. The tower is from Crescent Root Studio, one of my favorite new terrain makers. In the next few months I will be buying some more terrain from Crescent Root to round out the table. In the end, the table will be much more wide open than a typical Infinity battlefield, giving an advantage to troops using long range weapons and camouflage.

Finally, I have started a side project (perhaps unwisely) scratchbuilding a UD-12 Chickenhawk and a UD-41 Dropship. I'm thinking that if I manage to finish this side project without it taking to much time away from completing the rest of the tables, I may do a starport as the 6th and final table for Norcon.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Norcon XII Part 5- More WIP Photos

I've had some real progress this week on a few more terrain pieces, and a couple are ready for photos.

The two shots here are of my second District 5 Apartment building, with the addition of District 5 Tech Catwalks, another fantastic terrain piece from Micro Arts Studio.

On top of these I have some new terrain for my Middle Eastern Town for the Bourak table, and I am nearly finished with the next 12" terrain tile for Starship Interior table. Things are coming along nicely, but there is still a lot of work left before we will be ready for Norcon.

On a sadder note, I will be working very late tonight, so I will not be able to make it out to Matrix for Infinity night. Hopefully this will not keep anyone from playing, and I will see you all next week at the normal time!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Norcon XII Part 4

I got my photo backdrop set up today, but most of the terrain I am working on is not ready for photos yet. However, I did have one piece that was ready to show off. Another of my Micro Arts Studio pieces, from their holoboard set. There is some touch up I need to do on the construction (note the annoying gap between the sign and the left part of the frame), and if I have time I want to paint a little more detail on it. Overall, it is another fantastic piece from Micro Arts Studio.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Quick Update

It was a pretty weak turn out for this week's Infinity night at Matrix, but at least I was able to get a game in using some of the new terrain that I am working on for Norcon.

I got demolished by David, even though I was using a dirty new tactic that I thought would knock him for a loop. It turns out that one well placed missile really can ruin your whole day!

The terrain worked out well. The Micro Arts Studio terrain is just as playable as it is beautiful. The corners of the buildings are built in a way that makes them easy to use as cover, and one of David's ninjas was able to get the drop on me from an excellent vantage point on the roof. It made for a very dynamic combat happening at multiple levels.

I'll be setting up my photo back drop tomorrow, and I'll have some more terrain photos to post by the end of the week. I'll also be posting one or two more tournament scenarios this week, and maybe a teaser for the next Infinity campaign.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Norcon XII Part 3- WIP Photos 2

Here are some more work in progress photos from the terrain that I am making for Norcon. Sorry again for the photo quality. I will set up my photo back drop and lights next week when I have a day off, and I'll be getting a new camera in April, so I should be posting some nicer pictures soon. Once again the backdrop is my office chair, currently the only place in my front room that is not covered in bits of plaster.

All of the terrain featured here will be used in a scenario called "Hostile Extraction", another one of the scenarios for the Norcon XII event. This scenario takes place in an apartment complex on Earth, where the factions are each trying to kidnap an elusive hacker; either to recruit him, put him on trial, or dissect his brain. The Hacker, a Civil model, will be hiding out in his safe house and the first army to safely break in, grab him, and lead him off the table will be the winner.

The first shot is of the first of my District 5 apartment buildings from Micro Arts Studio. This is a fantastic piece. It was time consuming to put together, but now that I have done it once the rest of the buildings should go together faster. I'll have this with me on Sunday at Matrix games to use in our next Infinity demo night if anyone wants to check it out in person.

 The next two photos are of fences that I made out of sheet styrene and screen door filler. I'm particularly proud of these, and I think they will make a great addition to my terrain set. A variation on these that I am currently working on will also feature barbed wire tops, which will be for use with the dockyard scenario. These are easy enough to make, and versatile enough, that I may make them for use on other tables as well.

The signs hanging on the fences were made courtesy of Topo, owner of, and one of the top ten coolest Spaniards alive today. If you are into paper folding crafts, LARPing, and wargame terrain, you should visit his site immediately. I printed the signs out on photo paper, then mounted them on small pieces of plasticard. Expect to see signs like this all over the terrain I am making, since I think they add a lot of character and realism.

The sign I took a close up of here was a must. Call it corny if you will, but I think this is a hilarious sign to put on a wargame table.

Thanks for checking it out, I'll have a lot more stuff to put up next week!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Norcon XII Tournament Rules

Here is a preview of the tournament rules for Norcon XII. In the coming weeks and months I will be posting the rules for individual scenarios so that people can begin playtesting and practicing for the tournament. As Norcon approaches I will post the final draft of the tournament rules in a complete PDF on reddinggamer, as well as the official Infinity Forums, and on the official Norcon site.

NorCon XII Infinity Tournament

Welcome to the NorCon XII official Infinity Tournament!

This tournament is an official Corvus Belli event, and winners will gain points towards their place on the Infinity International ranking boards.

The tournament is a standard Swiss-system tournament with a twist. Each round players will be paired off with each other at random, and assigned a random table to play on. The tournament organizers will make an effort each round to make sure that players do not face the same opponent more than once, or play on the same table more than once. Depending on the number of players the tournament will run for either 3 or 4 rounds, with each round lasting approximately 60 minutes. Between each round there will be a 15 minute break while players adjust their armies and are assigned new opponents and tables.

The twist is that each table has been pre-setup by the tournament organizers to represent a different combat scenario. Each table has a different combat objective based on the terrain used, and each table favors widely different combat tactics.

Player’s earn victory points for each battle as described in the individual scenario rules. If there is an odd number of players, one player will be randomly selected each round to get a bye. The player with the bye will automatically earn 2 victory points, and then advance to the next round. No player will get a bye more than once.

There is a time limit for each round of the tournament. Players only have 10 minutes to complete each active phase, if they take longer than this then their active phase immediately ends at the end of their current order, and control is passed to the other player. ARO must be taken promptly and finished quickly, players who habitually drag out their ARO will have time taken away from their next active phase.

Battles will last for one hour, or until each player has had 6 active phases, whichever comes first.


Armies for the tournament must be 250 points with 5 SWC, and players must use the same army list throughout the tournament. However, because of the widely varying combat scenarios, players will also have access to a 50 point sidebar. This sidebar can contain an unlimited SWC, and can contain any models that a player can legally use in his army. Between tournament rounds a player can swap models from his main army list with models from his sidebar to change his army’s tactics in preparation for different scenarios. However a player decides to change his list the force that he creates must still be within the 250 point and 5 SWC limits.


All players must have a copy of their army list, at minimum a hand written list of their models and points costs, which they can turn into the tournament organizers before the start of the event. Players must be willing to show their army list to their opponent at the end of each game, if asked. Preferably, the organizers would like an army list printed out using the free Army Builder from the website.

Players must be willing to tell their opponent exactly what a model on the table represents, and how they are equipped. Secret information, such as hidden deployment and lieutenants, does not need to be revealed until a player chooses to.

Conversions and proxies are welcome in Infinity, especially considering how many models have not been released yet. Any model can be used for a conversion, but the model must be properly equipped with the correct weapons and equipment. Players must tell their opponents what their models represent if they are a conversion or proxy before the start of each game.

All models must be taken from the Corvus Belli Infinity range. Conversions are allowed as long as more than 50% of the model is made from the Infinity range. Scratch built models are also allowed, as long as the model is not commercialized. Models must be based on the original base provided with the model, or a base of equivalent size. Maghariba Guard must be mounted on an 80mm base.