Wednesday, March 20, 2013

IKRPG Trailer

As promised I have gotten a lot of work done on terrain in the last 2 weeks, however I'm doing a whole pile of pieces at the same time so none of them are quite finished. I've also been working on other projects, like my group's upcoming IKRPG and developing an idea I had for a Warmachine campaign.

The first few sessions of my IKRPG are written, but I need to finish making terrain for the game and coming up with stats for all my NPC's. So, with all that work left to do for the game I've decided to procrastinate and do other stuff, of course. The first of these side projects was making a video trailer for the game, which I'm actually fairly happy with.

This has been pieced together from many sources and assembled using a mix of iMovie and Adobe Premiere. The music is a song called Stabbing Hate from a pay-to-use music group called Epic Score.

Also, on an unrelated note, here's the best promo video for Game of Thrones ever made: