Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Just Awesome

Today Corvue Belli finally released photos of their new model range, Bootlegger models. These minis all come from the game of Infinity, but are meant as collector pieces rather than models that will actually be used during a battle.

All of the first 5 models released for this line are of TAG pilots (although one is technically a flight crew mechanic, since her TAG is a remote presence model). 4 of the 5 models are designed as sexy display pieces based on pin-up art of female pilots, but as beautiful as these models are, the one that really interests me is the odd man out. Corvus Belli has finally made a model of my favorite short-tempered former-drug-addict killing-machine, Joe "Scarface" Turner.

Although Joe's model is meant as a single large display piece, I will be breaking it up into two models: a wreck marker for the TAG, and Joe on foot. As my opponents know, I play so aggressively with this model that I don't mind having Joe jump out of the pilot seat and start blasting away with his shotgun when his TAG starts to fall apart. And now I will have a fantastic model to represent him when he does.

Well done, Corvus Belli! These models are brilliant.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Updated Prizes

I just realized that it has been 2 months since my last post. Apologies for the lack of content, but head has been buried so deep in a pile of terrain that I completely lost track of time. The good news is that I will be back very soon with lots of new pictures from NorCon, as well as the pictures of terrain that I have been promising for months.

Most of my readers are probably at NorCon right now and won't see this until the event is over, but I have an updated prize list I wanted to post for anyone who is interested. We got some surprise last minute support from Allen at Matrix Cards and Games that has pumped the first place prize pack up to awesome levels. The first place prize for this tournament will have a total dollar value of close to $100 now.

NorCon Amended Prize List-


1st Place

Free Starter Army from Allen’s Infinity Stock

Limited Ed. Max Scorpio with Boarding Shotgun Model

Limited Ed. “Max Scorpio” Army Pin

Authorized Bounty Hunter Army Pin

Paint Job Voucher from local award-winning painter DDestroyer ($20 Value)

First Place Diploma

First Pick of Army Patch

1000 Points for I.T.S. International Ranking


Player’s Choice Winner

NorCon Event Plaque

First Pick of Infinity Prize Blister

Second Pick of Army Patch

First Pick of Army Pin


2nd Place

Second Pick of Infinity Prize Blister

Third Pick of Army Patch

Second Pick of Army Pin

800 I.T.S. Ranking Points


3rd Place

Third Pick of Infinity Prize Blister

Third Pick of Army Pin

650 I.T.S. Ranking Points


4th Place

Fourth Pick of Army Pin

500 I.T.S. Ranking Points


5th-8th Place

Subsequent Army Pin Pick

350 I.T.S. Ranking Points