Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Infinity Campaign Map

The Fourth Infinity Campaign is almost ready, and I've got a preview of the map ready to go for anyone who wants to check it out. Above is a picture of the city of Ravensbrucke, a ruined metropolis on Paradiso smashed by the invading Combined armies. The Combined pulled back to their battle lines after killing the majority of the citizens, but a great deal of wealth and knowledge remains. Now, with the city and the surrounding jungles all but abandoned, small teams of elite operatives have returned to secure the assets that were left behind.
If your interested in joining the campaign email me to get on the mailing list at reddinginfinity@gmail.com
In this campaign the rules will be very similar to the official ISC rules from the Campaign: Paradiso book, but with a whole slew of changes to make the game much more casual, approachable, and fun.
While Spec-Ops will still work the exact same way, one change in the new campaign will be in the way that Army Specialties work. Instead of earning new specialties as they gain rank, players will gain access to army specialties by capturing pieces of territory called "Assets". In order to win the campaign a player must capture 6 of these assets, one of each type. There are a total of 18 assets that can be captured, as you can see on the campaign map below.

MR1- Central Subway Terminal (Mobile Reserves Asset)

MR2- Ravensbrucke Emergency Services Helipad (Mobile Reserves Asset)

MR3- Ravensbrucke Municipal Airport (Mobile Reserves Asset)

L1- PanOceania Central Command (Logistics Asset)

L2- MayaNet Quantum Entanglement Network Portal (Logistics Asset)

L3- Paradiso Control Force Outpost Charlie (Logistics Asset)

SF1- Secure Emergency Bunker (Support Forces Asset)

SF2- St. Augustine General Hospital (Support Forces Asset)

SF3- PanOceania Ravensbrucke Armory and Depot (Support Forces Asset)

P1- Cathedral of Saint Camillus (Psi-Ops Asset)

P2- MayaNet Broadcast Tower (Psi-Ops Asset)

P3- Paradiso Control Force Advanced Training Facility (Psi-Ops Asset)

ID1- Orbital Catapult B11 (Immediate Deployment Asset)

ID2- Paradiso Control Force Immediate Response Heliport (Immediate Deployment Asset)

ID3- Ravensbrucke Starport (Immediate Deployment Asset)

I1- PanOceania Military Satellite Control Uplink (Intelligence Asset)

I2- Civilian Resistance Hidden Base (Intelligence Asset)

I3- Paradiso Control Force Early Warning Radar Station A6 (Intelligence Asset)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Calling Infinity Players Once More


Anyone interested in Infinity, veterans, new players, or even people just thinking about playing, send me an email at the above address to join the Infinity mailing list.

Today I finished the rough draft of our new campaign system, and I have sent it out to some of our local veteran players for proof-reading and stress-testing. The rules for this new campaign have been greatly simplified compared to past campaigns, and the campaign is designed to be much more casual and new player friendly than the official Infinity Campaign System from Corvus Belli.

This Saturday, 4/27, Jack will be down at Matrix for new player demoes, and next weekend, 5/4 I'll be at Matrix for tutorials and army building help.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Infinity NorCon Trailer

I'm quite proud of this one: my second complete After Effects gaming project. This is the official promo video for the Infinity Event at this summer's NorCon. The video also includes my first teaser of the 5 scenarios that I will be running this year. In the coming months I will post the full scenario and tournament rules, as well as more pictures of the terrain that I'm working on.

Now that this is finished my next project is making a trailer for Scottie's Warmachine Event. More to come on that in the near future!