Thursday, April 19, 2012

Still Alive

Sorry about the lack of new posts for the last two weeks, but I've been extremely busy with work. I also ran out of plaster, and spent most of my free time the last two weeks working on the rule book for the third season of Infinity Campaign.

The good news is, things have slowed down a little bit at work and my new shipment of plaster has arrived. I'm also quite close to completing the new Infinity Campaign book, although I need some volunteers to help me edit and proof-read it after I finish. I don't have any new pieces to show off, although I am almost done painting the Apartment block parking lot piece, and I am back into full plaster tile production.

I also picked up a new trick for casting plaster when I had a plaster jam session recently with Joel, of Brush Zealot fame. As a result my new plaster tiles are coming out more evenly sized and stronger, which has got me thinking about making many more of them.

I also just placed some big Infinity orders. The rest of the terrain for the Bourak table is on order from Crescent Root Studio, and I have the last model I need for my demo armies and a bunch of new Infinity counters already on the way from The War Store. Today I also bought most of the parts I need for the sixth Norcon table, a top secret project, from Home Depot. And next week I will be making the most important order of all, purchasing the Large Format Tournament kit from Corvus Belli for Norcon.

The bad news is that next week will be another long week at work, followed by a nice trip to the Bahamas the following week. So I will probably not have very many photos to post of new projects until sometime in May. Even though I have fallen behind in the last couple of weeks, I am still ahead of schedule and looking forward to July!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Future Cars- Product Review

When I came home from work tonight I was an exhausted wreck. I took one look at my terrain making table, and then spent the next hour sitting in front of my computer playing with Infinity lists and listening to music. After a while I decided I was in the mood to do some painting, which I haven't been able to do much of lately with all the terrain I've been knocking out.

I ran down to my car to grab some paint supplies, and went to check my mail while I was at it. To my surprise there was a package from the Royal Mail (everything sounds cooler in British). Inside were some terrain pieces I had ordered from Antenocitis Workshop, which I wasn't expecting for a few more days. And so, even though I tried to avoid it, it looked like I was going to be working on terrain again tonight after all.

I had originally ordered these pieces as ground level terrain for the city table I was planning on making, before I aborted that project due to cost. My plan now is to make a small parking lot for the Apartment Block table using these pieces.

Originally I did not have high hopes for this order. Anytime I place an order with a new terrain company I like to keep it small at first, having been burned in the past. When I placed my order with Antenocitis Workshop they sent me an email that some of the pieces I had ordered needed to be recast, even though their website said they were in stock. For two more weeks I heard nothing from them, until I got annoyed and sent them an email asking where my stuff was. Having gone through all this I was seriously expecting to be disappointed, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about.

First of all, the pieces arrived in professional looking blister packs, which put the packaging used by bigger model companies to shame. After opening the packs and inspecting the models I was impressed to see the quality of resin they were made with. As an experienced Forge World customer I have come to expect resin models to arrive in terrible condition: warped and deformed by heat, and covered with flash lines and mold-release oil. There was none of this with these models, which were made from brilliant and clean white resin, with almost no flash at all.

The last piece is made from white metal and clear acrylic plexiglass, but again, the pieces were well cast with minimal clean up and flash. It was a bit tricky assembling this, since I needed to paint it first. Given the amount of work required I doubt I will use more than one of these on the table, especially since it does not make for very effective cover. However, this simple piece will make for an excellent decoration, adding a nice ultramodern touch to the table.

I wish I had better pictures of the cars, but the brilliant white resin and my white photo back drop proved to be to much for my iPhone camera. I'll take some new pictures once everything is painted, which I expect will look much nicer.

These are going to make for a seriously badass parking lot.

My first Antenocitis order: Quality A+, Price B-, Value A, Customer Service C+.