Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Warhammer: Design Decisions

I set several priorities and rules for myself in designing this army: 1. Since there are strict deadlines for completing each phase of the army in the Slow Grow League, I will not bog myself down with any conversions or scratch building other than some simple kit bashing. 2. To wash away some of the dirty feeling of playing a GW game I will use non-GW models for all of my Heroes. 3. Other than the Heroes, I will only use standard GW plastic kits for the rest of my army. 4. The army must have class and style.

Now, the last one is tricky because GW and I have very different definitions of style. For me it means sexy women, confident men, and most importantly models that evoke attitude and emotion. For GW, on the other hand, style means models that appear both awkward and uncomfortable. For GW, femininity is measured purely in the size (and sometimes the number) of a woman's breasts, and a masculine man typically has fists that are larger than his head, slender shoulders, and (most importantly) a really big hat.

So to make a sexy and stylish Empire army, while avoiding unnecessary conversions, requires non-GW models for all the important parts. As a result I have been scouting other miniatures companies to fill the Hero roles in the army. To start is the leader of my army: Brunhilde von Konigsmark from Raging Heroes. This fantastic model evokes the exact attitude of wealth and arrogance that I am looking for in my army, and has been a great source of inspiration.

Next is my master Engineer, another model from Raging Heroes, and another beautiful piece that perfectly captures the style that I want my army to evoke.

After that comes my Warrior Priest. As I get into higher point values I am planning on adding a unit of Greatswords for my Halberdiers to follow into battle. With a Warrior Priest to lead the Greatswords this means that I'll have three units that are all Stubborn and have Hatred. Although GW's Warrior Priests are actually not that bad, I found this one from Avatars of War that is even better.

And finally, I wanted some Wizards with an exotic appearance that hints at Marienburg's connections with Araby and Cathay. I spent a long time looking for the right models for this part of my army, and so far I've only found one. The White Dove from Vesper-On Games has the perfect mix of style, exotic allure, and the gold mask of a Lore of Metal Wizard.

Warhammer: Getting Started

I've been hard at work getting my Warhammer army together for the launch of the Slow Grow League, and just finished putting together my first 500 points tonight. I also got started on my display board and center-piece, all of which need to be painted by the end of the first month of the league.

As I was assembling my first few models I started thinking about the back story for my army. I decided early on that I would make a Marienburg themed army since I used to play them in Mordheim, only to find out that Marienburg is no longer part of the Empire during the time of Warhammer. Rather than change concept I decided to jump in with both feet.

I did more research into Marienburg, learning about their culture, religion, colors, natives, and relation to real world cities. The inspiration I got from my research gave me a whole bunch of ideas:

First, since they are not part of the Empire and ruled by a council of merchants I decided not to use any Knights. In fact, I went a step further and decided that as a sea-faring folk I wouldn't use any cavalry at all, at least until I got into higher point levels.

Second, I'm going to style the army to evoke an attitude of arrogance and wealth, which will be accomplished mainly through the models I use to represent the army's Heroes.

Third, I'm going to focus on the Lore of Metal for my wizards, and give them an appearance of extreme wealth, including creepy gold face masks.

Finally, I'm going to mix in elements of other races that make up Marienburg, especially as I reach higher point values. For example, I'm going to kit bash together a box of Empire Free Company with a box of Wood Elf Glade Guard to make a very unique unit of Sea Elf Huntsmen. I haven't decided how yet, but I am also thinking of ways to incorporate some Ogre servants into the army, perhaps in place of horses for a wagon or chariot.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Awesome New Product. Awesome New Book?

Corvus Belli is launching a cool new Infinity product line according to an announcement they made at GenCon. On top of that they have hinted at some new equipment and scenarios, which in the past has always been an early warning that there is a new book on the horizon.

I got most of this news from Beasts of War, so please head on over there for more news and more artwork about the upcoming product.

The new series of Infinity models are called "Dire Foes", and each set of models represents an epic rivalry between two enemy factions. Each box comes with a bunch of stuff: First there are two new Spec-Ops models in each box, which can be used to represent new Spec-Ops special characters, or be used in place of the old Spec-Ops models to add more variety to campaign armies. Second, each box comes with a VIP model (aka Civilian Objective Marker) to be used as an objective for scenarios involving civilians. Finally, each box comes with rules for a unique 300 point rivalry scenario featuring the two characters in the box. The idea is two friends can split the box, and enjoy a special rivalry game against each other using their new Spec-Ops models.

The new models have not been sculpted yet, but if the artwork is any indication they will be epic. Corvus Belli intentionally made most of the models the opposite gender from the existing Spec-Ops models, so now every army (except Haqqislam) will have both a male and female Spec-Ops model to choose from.

"Rescue on the Train"

Morat Treitak Anyat vs. Indigo Agent Bipandra

PanO agents try to rescue a naval officer from Morat invaders.

"Temporal Alliance"

Vortex Agent Lupe Balboa vs. Chandra Trasimedes

An uneasy alliance between Nomad and ALEPH agents breaks down into vicious fighting over the same objective.

"Viral Outbreak"

Hatail Aeris Keesan vs. Corax Hasht

A brutal grudge match between aliens.

"Black Mist"

Intel Operative Isobel MacGreggor vs. Gui-Feng Yuriko Oda

Why are Caledonian and Japanese forces fighting each other? I have no idea. But these two ladies look like they mean business, and their scenario has a pretty provocative name.

And finally, there is no box art for it yet, but there will be a mission called "Escape or Die" featuring Templar Agent Kostantinos vs. Hassassin Agent Yassir.

These boxes are going to be great, and I can't wait to learn more.

In addition, the Corvus Belli people hinted at a new Morat weapon called the K1 Rifle. This nasty piece of work fires an advanced armor piercing round that melts through even the thickest armor. If they stick with the rules that they are testing right now, a target's armor is reduced to 0 for armor rolls.

The most exciting thing about this new weapon is that every time Corvus Belli announces new weapon rules it means that a new book will be on the way within the next few months. According to hints and rumors that Corvus Belli has been circulating on forums and sites like Beasts of War the new book will add two more Sectorial Armies to each race, new weapons, new skills, new equipment, and possibly some new scenarios and rules for organized play.

WarCor and More

Some very exciting news from GenCon about upcoming Infinity events. Corvus Belli has started a new community outreach program called WarCor (short for War Correspondents), similar to Privateer Press's Press Ganger program. After calling myself the Infinity Guy for the last 3 years I finally have an official title for myself and a little piece of paper to prove it!

Through the program I will be able to get discounts on tournament kits and product, so I will be able to run more events in the future.

Speaking of which, Corvus Belli is overhauling the I.T.S. (Infinity Tournament System) with a new season starting later this year. This time around there will be more exclusive limited edition models available as prizes, new tournament scenarios, and a new international ranking system. The scoring for the new ranking system will be based primarily on win-records and on "player skill" rather than the number of events someone plays in, so there will be more opportunities for local players to earn glory without having to play Infinity every weekend.

As I learn more I will post it here, and stay tuned for me to announce the next Infinity Events, which will probably be sooner than I originally planned!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

GW: Chasing the Dragon

I'm probably not the first one to make this comparison, but Games Workshop games are a bit like hard drugs. I know I'm painting a target on my head for their infamous legal team, but they do have a lot in common: The product is ugly, I hate the effect it has on the community, and I strongly disagree with what the people who make it stand for. Unfortunately, there's nothing quite like it, and you can only stay away for so long.

While Infinity completely fills my need for guns and sci-fi, sometimes I still get a craving for fantasy. Although Warmachine is the superior game by far, it does not allow players to be very creative. In Warmachine you have to use units and characters that are created for you, and there's no room for your own ideas. Despite everything I hate about GW, the one thing that still sets them apart from every other game out there is the level of originality and creativity allowed in their games.

When I found out my buddies Joel and Joe were starting a slow grow Warhammer Fantasy league I decided it would be a great chance to give the game a try. I've tried to get into WFB a few times before, but the up hill climb to building an army was too steep and I never got there. With the slow grow league I only need to do 500 points a month, so this will be a good chance to give the game a serious try.

The hard part was picking the army I wanted to play. In every game, whether it is a wargame an RPG or something else, my policy has always been to "reinvent the ordinary". I like to play the most standard human army available and put my own personal twist on it. So, after some deliberation I finally settled on the Empire.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Campaign Continues

The Infinity Campaign is well underway, with Round 4 starting later this week. The personal stories of each of the armies, as well as some of the history from past campaigns, are starting to develop nicely and add some serious character to the game.

Legendary warrior Robert Logan has elevated his rag-tag clan of political terrorists to a new level by being the first human to make contact with the Tohaa, and unite humanity with their most important ally against the Combined Army. Robert and his Clan haven't taken any time to rest after this accomplishment though, and are taking advantage of their new fame and fortune to help them investigate war crimes committed against their people during the Neocolonial Wars.

In direct opposition to Robert and his Clan are the mercenaries of MagnaOrba. Their leader, Hakim al Zuabi, has made a series of increasingly poor decisions as his crew has slowly lost money over the years, finally culminating in him being forced to sell his soul to the MagnaOrba Corporation. This massive mining conglomerate has sent it's agents to destroy data and documents that reveal their involvement in war crimes and questionable business practices during the Neocolonial Wars.

The Cazador de Amanecer are also interested in ancient history from the Neocolonial Wars. Their leader, the veteran mercenary Captain Rayner, has been desperately trying to avenge the deaths of thousands of Nomad civilians who were killed in the terrorist bombing of a Corregidor Caravansary decades earlier. After a lifetime of investigating he has narrowed down the list of possible suspects to Robert Logan, Hakim al Zuabi, and ALEPH.

The Hydra Operations Group is the sharp-point of the spear of ALEPH's operations on Paradiso, and one of the most experienced units in the Human Sphere at fighting the Combined Army. However, as the Combined withdraw in preparation of a new offensive, the Hydra Group has a new mandate: Keeping the peace for O-12 and ending the covert fighting taking place in Ravensbrucke.

The Tohaa Triumverate has been watching all of this closely, and have sent a team of agents led by Commander Soovan Ganeel to make sure that events in Ravensbrucke play out in the Tohaa's favor. The Tohaa want to force all of the different factions to owe them favors, while also covering up their involvement in manipulating human history over the last century.

The Ariadnan 7th Combined Expeditionary Force is a new player to arrive on Paradiso. Originally, they were intended to act as reinforcements in the war against the Combined, demonstrating Ariadna's political independence and military might to the rest of the Human Sphere. However, the discovery of the Arch-Terrorist Robert Logan has gotten the 7th swept up into events and history they never expected when they first arrived on Paradiso.

Another new faction to enter this drama is the Chimera Defense Corp, a group of professional soldiers from Bakunin who have arrived with a specific and covert mission: to find proof of ALEPH's manipulation and enslavement of the Human race. These warriors have infiltrated Ravensbrucke during a lull in the fighting to retrieve data that was left behind when Ravensbrucke was severed from MayaNet, data that ALEPH has not been able to delete.

Things are just getting started in Ravensbrucke, and the factions are still just establishing their territories and feeling out their opponents. New enemies are pouring into the conflict each day in order to claim any advantage they can for their homelands, or just to put a stop to the plans of their old enemies. All the while, the growing Combined Army reinforces their battle lines just east of the city and watches the Humans fight amongst themselves.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

NorCon 2013 Terrain

Here's the first of my photos from NorCon with some of the new terrain that I made for this year.

The first picture here is of the Hospital Bank offices from downtown San Pietro on NeoTerra. This was the site of our Bank Heist scenario, which used the Seize the Beacons scenario rules. To add a bit more challenge to the scenario, the beacons that needed to be hacked were all on the top floors of the building, which meant players had to come up with creative ways to get into the building.

Each wing of the building had stairs leading up, as well as a fire escape on the back of the building that could be climbed. Each building also had roof access, which meant AD troops could get to the objectives by dropping directly onto the building. The three wings of the building were also connected by skyway bridges on the fourth floor, making it easier to get from building to building once a model had reached the top of the towers. The central tower also had a clear glass elevator that models could mount and ride to any floor in the building.

The buildings come from Demo's Laser Cut Designs, but were heavily modified. The fire escapes on the buildings were a custom laser cut order, also from Demo's, but the additional staircases, skyways, and the elevator on the central tower were scratch built and added later.

Several buildings featured billboards, which were made using frames from Demo's combined with fire escape ledges so that models could climb to the top and set up sniping posts. The billboards themselves are signs that I made in photo shop, inspired by various bits of Infinity fluff.

Most of the ground level terrain, including the SWAT tank seen in the foreground in the first picture, came from Antenocitis Workshop in England. I've said it before, but these guys make my favorite resin cast Infinity terrain, and add a great sci-fi feel to any table. In this photo one of Scottie's Tomcats takes cover behind a sidewalk ad from Antenocitis while making a run for the front of the bank.

The police barricade in front of the building also featured more terrain and vehicles from Antenocitis, including some police cars that didn't make it into this picture. The riot shields in the barricade are another laser cut item from Demo's, with the San Pietro NeoTerran Police badge slapped on the front for good measure.

All of these photos came from the Bank Heist table, but I'll have more photos coming up in the near future featuring the other tables from the event. Unfortunately I didn't get as many photos as I had planned this year, but I still have a lot more stuff to share! Thanks for a great convention guys!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Just Awesome

Today Corvue Belli finally released photos of their new model range, Bootlegger models. These minis all come from the game of Infinity, but are meant as collector pieces rather than models that will actually be used during a battle.

All of the first 5 models released for this line are of TAG pilots (although one is technically a flight crew mechanic, since her TAG is a remote presence model). 4 of the 5 models are designed as sexy display pieces based on pin-up art of female pilots, but as beautiful as these models are, the one that really interests me is the odd man out. Corvus Belli has finally made a model of my favorite short-tempered former-drug-addict killing-machine, Joe "Scarface" Turner.

Although Joe's model is meant as a single large display piece, I will be breaking it up into two models: a wreck marker for the TAG, and Joe on foot. As my opponents know, I play so aggressively with this model that I don't mind having Joe jump out of the pilot seat and start blasting away with his shotgun when his TAG starts to fall apart. And now I will have a fantastic model to represent him when he does.

Well done, Corvus Belli! These models are brilliant.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Updated Prizes

I just realized that it has been 2 months since my last post. Apologies for the lack of content, but head has been buried so deep in a pile of terrain that I completely lost track of time. The good news is that I will be back very soon with lots of new pictures from NorCon, as well as the pictures of terrain that I have been promising for months.

Most of my readers are probably at NorCon right now and won't see this until the event is over, but I have an updated prize list I wanted to post for anyone who is interested. We got some surprise last minute support from Allen at Matrix Cards and Games that has pumped the first place prize pack up to awesome levels. The first place prize for this tournament will have a total dollar value of close to $100 now.

NorCon Amended Prize List-


1st Place

Free Starter Army from Allen’s Infinity Stock

Limited Ed. Max Scorpio with Boarding Shotgun Model

Limited Ed. “Max Scorpio” Army Pin

Authorized Bounty Hunter Army Pin

Paint Job Voucher from local award-winning painter DDestroyer ($20 Value)

First Place Diploma

First Pick of Army Patch

1000 Points for I.T.S. International Ranking


Player’s Choice Winner

NorCon Event Plaque

First Pick of Infinity Prize Blister

Second Pick of Army Patch

First Pick of Army Pin


2nd Place

Second Pick of Infinity Prize Blister

Third Pick of Army Patch

Second Pick of Army Pin

800 I.T.S. Ranking Points


3rd Place

Third Pick of Infinity Prize Blister

Third Pick of Army Pin

650 I.T.S. Ranking Points


4th Place

Fourth Pick of Army Pin

500 I.T.S. Ranking Points


5th-8th Place

Subsequent Army Pin Pick

350 I.T.S. Ranking Points

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tournament Prizes!

I got the tournament kit for NorCon's big Infinity Event today, along with a bunch of other goodies from Corvus Belli. And here they are:

NorCon Deniable Ops 1st Place Prize:

-Limited Edition Max Scorpio Authorized Bounty Hunter mounted on a special edition Micro Arts Studios urban street resin base, painted by local award-winning artist DDestroyer.
-NorCon Event Infinity Award
-Infinity 1st Place Certificate
-Authorized Bounty Hunter pin and Max Scorpio Limited Edition pin
-1000 Points for I.T.S. International Ranking

NorCon Deniable Ops 2nd Place Prize:

-First choice of Infinity prize model: Yu-Jing Hac Tao with Missile Launcher, PanO O.R.C. Troop with HMG, or Nomad Reverend Moira with MULTI Rifle.
-First choice of Infinity army pin
-800 Points for I.T.S. International Ranking

NorCon Deniable Ops 3rd Place Prize:

-Second choice of Infinity prize model
-Second choice of Infinity army pin
-650 Points for I.T.S. International Ranking

NorCon Deniable Ops 4th Place Prize:

-Army Pin
-500 Points for I.T.S. International Ranking

Other Participants:

-Army Pin
-350 Points for I.T.S. International Ranking

Player's Choice Award (Best painted and best sportsmanship as voted by all participants):

-Remaining Infinity Prize Model
-Choice of One Army Patch: Caledonia, Neoterra, ALEPH Assault Subsection, Ariadna Scouts, or EI Pulsar

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Infinity Campaign Map

The Fourth Infinity Campaign is almost ready, and I've got a preview of the map ready to go for anyone who wants to check it out. Above is a picture of the city of Ravensbrucke, a ruined metropolis on Paradiso smashed by the invading Combined armies. The Combined pulled back to their battle lines after killing the majority of the citizens, but a great deal of wealth and knowledge remains. Now, with the city and the surrounding jungles all but abandoned, small teams of elite operatives have returned to secure the assets that were left behind.
If your interested in joining the campaign email me to get on the mailing list at
In this campaign the rules will be very similar to the official ISC rules from the Campaign: Paradiso book, but with a whole slew of changes to make the game much more casual, approachable, and fun.
While Spec-Ops will still work the exact same way, one change in the new campaign will be in the way that Army Specialties work. Instead of earning new specialties as they gain rank, players will gain access to army specialties by capturing pieces of territory called "Assets". In order to win the campaign a player must capture 6 of these assets, one of each type. There are a total of 18 assets that can be captured, as you can see on the campaign map below.

MR1- Central Subway Terminal (Mobile Reserves Asset)

MR2- Ravensbrucke Emergency Services Helipad (Mobile Reserves Asset)

MR3- Ravensbrucke Municipal Airport (Mobile Reserves Asset)

L1- PanOceania Central Command (Logistics Asset)

L2- MayaNet Quantum Entanglement Network Portal (Logistics Asset)

L3- Paradiso Control Force Outpost Charlie (Logistics Asset)

SF1- Secure Emergency Bunker (Support Forces Asset)

SF2- St. Augustine General Hospital (Support Forces Asset)

SF3- PanOceania Ravensbrucke Armory and Depot (Support Forces Asset)

P1- Cathedral of Saint Camillus (Psi-Ops Asset)

P2- MayaNet Broadcast Tower (Psi-Ops Asset)

P3- Paradiso Control Force Advanced Training Facility (Psi-Ops Asset)

ID1- Orbital Catapult B11 (Immediate Deployment Asset)

ID2- Paradiso Control Force Immediate Response Heliport (Immediate Deployment Asset)

ID3- Ravensbrucke Starport (Immediate Deployment Asset)

I1- PanOceania Military Satellite Control Uplink (Intelligence Asset)

I2- Civilian Resistance Hidden Base (Intelligence Asset)

I3- Paradiso Control Force Early Warning Radar Station A6 (Intelligence Asset)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Calling Infinity Players Once More

Anyone interested in Infinity, veterans, new players, or even people just thinking about playing, send me an email at the above address to join the Infinity mailing list.

Today I finished the rough draft of our new campaign system, and I have sent it out to some of our local veteran players for proof-reading and stress-testing. The rules for this new campaign have been greatly simplified compared to past campaigns, and the campaign is designed to be much more casual and new player friendly than the official Infinity Campaign System from Corvus Belli.

This Saturday, 4/27, Jack will be down at Matrix for new player demoes, and next weekend, 5/4 I'll be at Matrix for tutorials and army building help.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Infinity NorCon Trailer

I'm quite proud of this one: my second complete After Effects gaming project. This is the official promo video for the Infinity Event at this summer's NorCon. The video also includes my first teaser of the 5 scenarios that I will be running this year. In the coming months I will post the full scenario and tournament rules, as well as more pictures of the terrain that I'm working on.

Now that this is finished my next project is making a trailer for Scottie's Warmachine Event. More to come on that in the near future!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

IKRPG Trailer

As promised I have gotten a lot of work done on terrain in the last 2 weeks, however I'm doing a whole pile of pieces at the same time so none of them are quite finished. I've also been working on other projects, like my group's upcoming IKRPG and developing an idea I had for a Warmachine campaign.

The first few sessions of my IKRPG are written, but I need to finish making terrain for the game and coming up with stats for all my NPC's. So, with all that work left to do for the game I've decided to procrastinate and do other stuff, of course. The first of these side projects was making a video trailer for the game, which I'm actually fairly happy with.

This has been pieced together from many sources and assembled using a mix of iMovie and Adobe Premiere. The music is a song called Stabbing Hate from a pay-to-use music group called Epic Score.

Also, on an unrelated note, here's the best promo video for Game of Thrones ever made:

Saturday, February 23, 2013

NorCon XIII Part 1- New Terrain

I just finished the first batch of terrain that I will be making for NorCon XIII. I also have plenty more on deck waiting to be painted, so I should have more ready to go by the end of next week.
The first pieces of terrain shown here are dense forest markers that are going to be used to represent the moors of Ord in my upcoming Iron Kingdoms RPG, but at NorCon they will be joined by many more pieces to represent the forests of Northern Caledonia. I have four pieces finished so far, and four more on deck, but I will need about 12 more after that to make a full forest table. These were made using a variety of tree kits from Woodland Scenics as well as plaster rocks from Woodland Scenics. The bases are made of thin MDF board that I covered with sand and flock.

 The next set of pieces are ultramodern concrete benches and planters. These planters will be used as ground cover and decoration for the city table that I am planning. Down the road I will upload a photo of the layout that I have designed for this table, but the short version is that there will be a large central building on the table with a small courtyard. These chairs and planters will be used to fill that courtyard to provide some cover in the middle of the table. These were made using a variety of resin cast pieces from my favorite terrain makers at Antenocitis Workshop.

The next two pieces are both reflecting pools that will be used as decorative terrain for the first session of my IKRPG game. I will probably use them again down the road in later chapters of the IKRPG game, but I'm ultimately planning on donating them to Matrix Cards and Games to beef up their terrain. Both pools were made using plaster blocks from Hirst Arts, and are topped with minis from Reaper Miniatures.

For very simple pieces of terrain these turned out to be a pain in the ass. After the beach table I made for NorCon last year I decided that I needed to put much more dye in the water if I wanted to get a nice shade of blue, but unfortunately I over-corrected and made this water way to blue. Even worse, the amount of dye that I used prevented the resin from curing correctly, and it never fully hardened. To try and fix it I added a thin second layer of clear resin over the top. However, the blue resin underneath continued to harden and shrink, causing it to peel away from the fast-drying clear layer, creating weird fractal-shaped bubbles around the edges of the water. Well... Live and learn, I guess. Maybe the third time I do a water effects I'll get it right.

 The final pieces here are a set of garden planter boxes filled with trees. These will also be part of the terrain for my IKRPG game, but they will also be used as ground-level cover for the apartment complex Infinity table for NorCon. I know that pine trees are a weird choice for trees to grow in a garden, but I had an overabundance of these that were to small to use on the forest templates that I was making, so I ended up using them here. The garden boxes were made using plaster bricks from Hirst Arts, and the trees are from Woodland Scenics.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


I've changed obsessions and switched back from my video editing project to making terrain. I've started assembling my tables for this year's NorCon event. In the last couple of weeks I've put quite a bit together, and I'll start uploading photos as soon as I get some painting done.

I'm not sure what to expect for Infinity turnout this year, and I'd like to participate in the Warmachine tournament this time round, so I'm planning on fewer tables. However, I want to try and outdo myself this year, so I am working on some cool new stuff to make better tables.

My plan is to have either 4 or 5 tables this year, plus a Warmachine table that I am making for our local Pressganger, Scottie. Like last year, each table will have a separate scenario unique to the table. One table will be a straight victory point scenario, and for the others I will be running simplified versions of some of my favorite scenarios from the Paradiso campaign book.

Table 1- I'm bringing back the Desert Town table from last year, but this time with some new additions. I've ordered a few more buildings to add more complexity to the table. Also, I've taken steps to correct the one complaint people have with the table by making the cover on the rooftops of the buildings more clear cut.

Table 2- The Apartment complex will also be making a return, with the addition of a few more pieces of cover.

Table 3- One of the new tables I'm making will represent a mining prospector camp on Dawn, just outside of the borders of Ariadna. The miners have uncovered a dangerous alien artifact, and two factions have arrived to investigate.

Table 4- Last year I wanted to make the holy grail of wargaming tables: a non-ruined city. At the time it turned out to be more expensive than I could afford, but I have a new plan to try again this year. The idea is to make a table with a three or four story building in the middle of the table, surrounded by shorter buildings. The central building has been affected by a cyberwarfare attack, and local police have secured a perimeter around the building.

Table 5- I'm still waiting for a flash of inspiration for a fifth table, but I have plenty of time before NorCon. I may ask someone to help me out, like the excellent Japanese Sectorial table that Joel made last year.

Warmachine Table- For the Warmachine tournament I'm building a table to represent a hamlet and lumberyard in the northern Thornwood. This small community has had the misfortune of landing right in the middle of every major faction in Western Immoren.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Elevator Ride HD

Here's the Elevator Ride video re-rendered in HD. After watching it in HD I realized that it wasn't the video quality that was the problem, it just wasn't a very good photo in the first place. Scottie, next time we play I need to reshoot these models and fix this movie!