Saturday, August 24, 2013

Awesome New Product. Awesome New Book?

Corvus Belli is launching a cool new Infinity product line according to an announcement they made at GenCon. On top of that they have hinted at some new equipment and scenarios, which in the past has always been an early warning that there is a new book on the horizon.

I got most of this news from Beasts of War, so please head on over there for more news and more artwork about the upcoming product.

The new series of Infinity models are called "Dire Foes", and each set of models represents an epic rivalry between two enemy factions. Each box comes with a bunch of stuff: First there are two new Spec-Ops models in each box, which can be used to represent new Spec-Ops special characters, or be used in place of the old Spec-Ops models to add more variety to campaign armies. Second, each box comes with a VIP model (aka Civilian Objective Marker) to be used as an objective for scenarios involving civilians. Finally, each box comes with rules for a unique 300 point rivalry scenario featuring the two characters in the box. The idea is two friends can split the box, and enjoy a special rivalry game against each other using their new Spec-Ops models.

The new models have not been sculpted yet, but if the artwork is any indication they will be epic. Corvus Belli intentionally made most of the models the opposite gender from the existing Spec-Ops models, so now every army (except Haqqislam) will have both a male and female Spec-Ops model to choose from.

"Rescue on the Train"

Morat Treitak Anyat vs. Indigo Agent Bipandra

PanO agents try to rescue a naval officer from Morat invaders.

"Temporal Alliance"

Vortex Agent Lupe Balboa vs. Chandra Trasimedes

An uneasy alliance between Nomad and ALEPH agents breaks down into vicious fighting over the same objective.

"Viral Outbreak"

Hatail Aeris Keesan vs. Corax Hasht

A brutal grudge match between aliens.

"Black Mist"

Intel Operative Isobel MacGreggor vs. Gui-Feng Yuriko Oda

Why are Caledonian and Japanese forces fighting each other? I have no idea. But these two ladies look like they mean business, and their scenario has a pretty provocative name.

And finally, there is no box art for it yet, but there will be a mission called "Escape or Die" featuring Templar Agent Kostantinos vs. Hassassin Agent Yassir.

These boxes are going to be great, and I can't wait to learn more.

In addition, the Corvus Belli people hinted at a new Morat weapon called the K1 Rifle. This nasty piece of work fires an advanced armor piercing round that melts through even the thickest armor. If they stick with the rules that they are testing right now, a target's armor is reduced to 0 for armor rolls.

The most exciting thing about this new weapon is that every time Corvus Belli announces new weapon rules it means that a new book will be on the way within the next few months. According to hints and rumors that Corvus Belli has been circulating on forums and sites like Beasts of War the new book will add two more Sectorial Armies to each race, new weapons, new skills, new equipment, and possibly some new scenarios and rules for organized play.


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