Thursday, August 22, 2013

GW: Chasing the Dragon

I'm probably not the first one to make this comparison, but Games Workshop games are a bit like hard drugs. I know I'm painting a target on my head for their infamous legal team, but they do have a lot in common: The product is ugly, I hate the effect it has on the community, and I strongly disagree with what the people who make it stand for. Unfortunately, there's nothing quite like it, and you can only stay away for so long.

While Infinity completely fills my need for guns and sci-fi, sometimes I still get a craving for fantasy. Although Warmachine is the superior game by far, it does not allow players to be very creative. In Warmachine you have to use units and characters that are created for you, and there's no room for your own ideas. Despite everything I hate about GW, the one thing that still sets them apart from every other game out there is the level of originality and creativity allowed in their games.

When I found out my buddies Joel and Joe were starting a slow grow Warhammer Fantasy league I decided it would be a great chance to give the game a try. I've tried to get into WFB a few times before, but the up hill climb to building an army was too steep and I never got there. With the slow grow league I only need to do 500 points a month, so this will be a good chance to give the game a serious try.

The hard part was picking the army I wanted to play. In every game, whether it is a wargame an RPG or something else, my policy has always been to "reinvent the ordinary". I like to play the most standard human army available and put my own personal twist on it. So, after some deliberation I finally settled on the Empire.

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