Saturday, August 24, 2013

WarCor and More

Some very exciting news from GenCon about upcoming Infinity events. Corvus Belli has started a new community outreach program called WarCor (short for War Correspondents), similar to Privateer Press's Press Ganger program. After calling myself the Infinity Guy for the last 3 years I finally have an official title for myself and a little piece of paper to prove it!

Through the program I will be able to get discounts on tournament kits and product, so I will be able to run more events in the future.

Speaking of which, Corvus Belli is overhauling the I.T.S. (Infinity Tournament System) with a new season starting later this year. This time around there will be more exclusive limited edition models available as prizes, new tournament scenarios, and a new international ranking system. The scoring for the new ranking system will be based primarily on win-records and on "player skill" rather than the number of events someone plays in, so there will be more opportunities for local players to earn glory without having to play Infinity every weekend.

As I learn more I will post it here, and stay tuned for me to announce the next Infinity Events, which will probably be sooner than I originally planned!

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