Monday, August 19, 2013

Campaign Continues

The Infinity Campaign is well underway, with Round 4 starting later this week. The personal stories of each of the armies, as well as some of the history from past campaigns, are starting to develop nicely and add some serious character to the game.

Legendary warrior Robert Logan has elevated his rag-tag clan of political terrorists to a new level by being the first human to make contact with the Tohaa, and unite humanity with their most important ally against the Combined Army. Robert and his Clan haven't taken any time to rest after this accomplishment though, and are taking advantage of their new fame and fortune to help them investigate war crimes committed against their people during the Neocolonial Wars.

In direct opposition to Robert and his Clan are the mercenaries of MagnaOrba. Their leader, Hakim al Zuabi, has made a series of increasingly poor decisions as his crew has slowly lost money over the years, finally culminating in him being forced to sell his soul to the MagnaOrba Corporation. This massive mining conglomerate has sent it's agents to destroy data and documents that reveal their involvement in war crimes and questionable business practices during the Neocolonial Wars.

The Cazador de Amanecer are also interested in ancient history from the Neocolonial Wars. Their leader, the veteran mercenary Captain Rayner, has been desperately trying to avenge the deaths of thousands of Nomad civilians who were killed in the terrorist bombing of a Corregidor Caravansary decades earlier. After a lifetime of investigating he has narrowed down the list of possible suspects to Robert Logan, Hakim al Zuabi, and ALEPH.

The Hydra Operations Group is the sharp-point of the spear of ALEPH's operations on Paradiso, and one of the most experienced units in the Human Sphere at fighting the Combined Army. However, as the Combined withdraw in preparation of a new offensive, the Hydra Group has a new mandate: Keeping the peace for O-12 and ending the covert fighting taking place in Ravensbrucke.

The Tohaa Triumverate has been watching all of this closely, and have sent a team of agents led by Commander Soovan Ganeel to make sure that events in Ravensbrucke play out in the Tohaa's favor. The Tohaa want to force all of the different factions to owe them favors, while also covering up their involvement in manipulating human history over the last century.

The Ariadnan 7th Combined Expeditionary Force is a new player to arrive on Paradiso. Originally, they were intended to act as reinforcements in the war against the Combined, demonstrating Ariadna's political independence and military might to the rest of the Human Sphere. However, the discovery of the Arch-Terrorist Robert Logan has gotten the 7th swept up into events and history they never expected when they first arrived on Paradiso.

Another new faction to enter this drama is the Chimera Defense Corp, a group of professional soldiers from Bakunin who have arrived with a specific and covert mission: to find proof of ALEPH's manipulation and enslavement of the Human race. These warriors have infiltrated Ravensbrucke during a lull in the fighting to retrieve data that was left behind when Ravensbrucke was severed from MayaNet, data that ALEPH has not been able to delete.

Things are just getting started in Ravensbrucke, and the factions are still just establishing their territories and feeling out their opponents. New enemies are pouring into the conflict each day in order to claim any advantage they can for their homelands, or just to put a stop to the plans of their old enemies. All the while, the growing Combined Army reinforces their battle lines just east of the city and watches the Humans fight amongst themselves.

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