Thursday, August 1, 2013

NorCon 2013 Terrain

Here's the first of my photos from NorCon with some of the new terrain that I made for this year.

The first picture here is of the Hospital Bank offices from downtown San Pietro on NeoTerra. This was the site of our Bank Heist scenario, which used the Seize the Beacons scenario rules. To add a bit more challenge to the scenario, the beacons that needed to be hacked were all on the top floors of the building, which meant players had to come up with creative ways to get into the building.

Each wing of the building had stairs leading up, as well as a fire escape on the back of the building that could be climbed. Each building also had roof access, which meant AD troops could get to the objectives by dropping directly onto the building. The three wings of the building were also connected by skyway bridges on the fourth floor, making it easier to get from building to building once a model had reached the top of the towers. The central tower also had a clear glass elevator that models could mount and ride to any floor in the building.

The buildings come from Demo's Laser Cut Designs, but were heavily modified. The fire escapes on the buildings were a custom laser cut order, also from Demo's, but the additional staircases, skyways, and the elevator on the central tower were scratch built and added later.

Several buildings featured billboards, which were made using frames from Demo's combined with fire escape ledges so that models could climb to the top and set up sniping posts. The billboards themselves are signs that I made in photo shop, inspired by various bits of Infinity fluff.

Most of the ground level terrain, including the SWAT tank seen in the foreground in the first picture, came from Antenocitis Workshop in England. I've said it before, but these guys make my favorite resin cast Infinity terrain, and add a great sci-fi feel to any table. In this photo one of Scottie's Tomcats takes cover behind a sidewalk ad from Antenocitis while making a run for the front of the bank.

The police barricade in front of the building also featured more terrain and vehicles from Antenocitis, including some police cars that didn't make it into this picture. The riot shields in the barricade are another laser cut item from Demo's, with the San Pietro NeoTerran Police badge slapped on the front for good measure.

All of these photos came from the Bank Heist table, but I'll have more photos coming up in the near future featuring the other tables from the event. Unfortunately I didn't get as many photos as I had planned this year, but I still have a lot more stuff to share! Thanks for a great convention guys!


  1. You did an incredible job with our models Jonathan! Thank you for posting the pictures!


  2. Just getting into infinity and I stumbled upon your site. How did you like these buildings? Do you think they work well? Debating on picking some up and trying them out!

    1. It depends on how tough you want the terrain to be and if you are planning on converting it. Demo's Laser Cut Designs terrain is made from workboard, which is somewhat fragile and shreds very easily, but it is very easy to cut with a sharp knife. I added the fire escapes, elevator, and interior stair ways to these buildings, all of which was pretty easy.

      If you want tough terrain and you are not going to be converting it, I recommend going with Micro Arts Studio buildings. They are about the same price, but incredibly tough once they are assembled.