Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dire Foes Unboxing

I picked up my first Dire Foes box set tonight and had the joy of unboxing it. The models inside are quite nice, and more detailed than I thoughts they were going to be from pictures I've seen.

They are also in more parts than I expected. When I first saw the model for Treitak Anyat I thought that the sculptor had taken the easy route with her hair and sculpted it onto the back of the model. In reality Anyat's head and hair are completely separate bits, opening up all sorts of options for conversions and head swaps. Sadly, they do not come with alternate weapon options like their male Spec-Ops counterparts, but both model's weapon arms are separate bits, which makes weapon swaps or magnetic weapon arms conversions much easier. Even Fusilier Angus's head comes as a separate bit, and would make a great head swap bit for the Indigo Spec-Ops model.

The mission that comes with the box set is also a pleasant surprise. I thought there would be a little booklet in the box, but instead it comes with a download code for a 14 page long PDF that contains both a short story, backgrounds for the two characters, and special rules and model profiles. The art prints that come in the box are small, but nice quality, as well.

Overall I had high hopes for this box set, and Corvus Belli did not disappoint. I was even pleasantly surprised by the quality and some of the extras. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to add some character to their Infinity army!

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