Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Upcoming Infinity Events

Next Infinity Night will be Friday at the Armory, 9/21. I'll be running demos, and hopefully enrolling the last few players for the Infinity Campaign.

For those who still want to play in the campaign time is running out! Please come find me at the Armory Friday night so I can get you set up.

The next weekend, 9/28 and 9/29, I will not be running an Infinity night due to a conflict with my work schedule. However, I will still try to make it out one night to play some Infinity, and maybe even some Warmachine. I'm hoping that one of the other Infinity veterans in the group will be willing to take the reins and organize some Infinity free play or scenarios one of these nights.

The following weekend I will be flying down to Orlando to kick off the holiday retail season with a week of business meetings, but when I get back the Infinity campaign will be starting up. Before I can finalize plans I need to talk to the organizers of some other upcoming game events, and of course I also need to wait for the campaign book to be released. If everything works out the Infinity Campaign will finally begin on Staurday, October 13th, at the Matrix!

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